Penteract Press no.17—

Aelindromes (φ–π–√2)</ by Anthony Etherin

Aelindromes (φ–π–√2) presents three ‘aelindromes’, a palindromic variation in which letters are symmetrically parsed according to premeditated sequences. The sequences used in this leaflet are the decimal expansions of the golden ratio, pi, and the square root of two, each of which is taken to twenty significant figures. In honour of their titular sequences, the three poems explore the language of mathematics.”

Anthony Etherin is a UK-based writer of experimental poetry and music. His poems have appeared online in The Account, Five:2:One, and Nagari magazines, among others, and he has had leaflets or chapbooks published by No Press, Penteract Press, Spacecraft Press, and The Blasted Tree. Find him on twitter, @Anthony_Etherin, and via his website,

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Penteract Press no.16—

Tacit Ore by Nikki Sheppy

Tacit Ore strives to make bijoux (a reversible necklace) of seven letters, palindromically arrayed on the collarbones. Each dangling line is also a palindrome that in one way or another describes the glyph from which it dangles: Some reference the glyph’s visual appearance, others its phonetic qualities.”

Nikki Sheppy is a Canadian poet, scholar and palindromist based in Calgary, who currently serves as Managing Editor of the experimental literary magazine, filling Station. Her award-winning chapbook Grrrrlhood: a ludic suite was published in a limited, letter-pressed edition by Kalamalka Press in 2014.

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Penteract Press no.15—

of substance (for derek beaulieu) by Kyle Flemmer

“Constructed from the ‘atomized’ fragments of old, damaged Letraset sheets, the poems that make up of substance are modelled after different chemical processes that describe the behaviour of matter reacting to its medium.”

Kyle Flemmer is an author, editor, and publisher from Calgary. He founded The Blasted Tree Publishing Company in 2014, a small press and community of emerging Canadian artists, and graduated from Concordia University in 2016 with a double-major in Western Society & Culture and Creative Writing. Kyle’s most recent chapbooks are Astral Projection (above/ground press, 2017), Lunar Flag Assembly Kit (no press, 2017), and PRAY/LEWD (The Blasted Tree, 2016).

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Penteract Press no.14—

Pin-Ups by Clara Daneri

“For this leaflet, three nineteenth-century poems about female beauty were digitally rendered into female forms of a more twentieth-century ideal. The poems, Charles Baudelaire’s La Beauté (Trans. Lewis Piaget Shanks, 1931), Lord Byron’s She Walks in Beauty, and Edgar Allan Poe’s To Helen, were pasted onto a set of skin maps, which were then posed as pin-ups, using 3D modelling software. A fourth piece, featuring only a face, uses lines from all three poems.”

Clara Daneri is an artist and illustrator, exploring the relationship between digital and traditional media. Her artwork has featured in Nagari Magazine and on the covers of multiple publications by Penteract Press. She tweets @ClaraDaneri.

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Penteract Press no.13—

Leviticus Xii by Amanda Earl

Leviticus 12 is part of The Vispo Bible, a lifelong project, in which each chapter of the Bible is transformed into visual poetry.”

Amanda Earl’s visual poetry has been exhibited in Brazil, Russia and Canada, and has been published in Fantagraphics’ “The Last Vispo Anthology.” Her visual poetry chapbook “Of the Body” was published by Kingston’s Puddle of Sky Press, and her “A Fieldguide to Fanciful Bugs” was published online by avantacular press. Through her micropress, AngelHousePress, Amanda has also curated ten years’ worth of online magazines, featuring visual poetry from around the world. For more vispo, please visit

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Penteract Press no.12—

Clear Skies by Ken Hunt

Clear Skies is an erasure of the official transcript of the Enola Gay, the military aircraft that dropped two atomic bombs, one on Hiroshima and one on Nagasaki, in August of 1945.The page’s sparse landscape of surviving text echoes the paradoxical absence/presence of those whose lives were either ended or touched in some way by the bomb.”

Ken Hunt’s written work has appeared in Chromium Dioxide, No Press, Spacecraft Press, Rampike, and Matrix Magazine. His first book of poetry, Space Administration, was published in 2014 by the LUMA Foundation as part of Hans Ulrich Obrist and Kenneth Goldsmith’s 89+ Project. For three years, Ken served as managing editor of NōD Magazine, and for one year, he served as poetry editor of filling Station. In 2014, Ken founded Spacecraft Press, an online publishing venue for writing inspired by the various lexicons of science and technology.

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Penteract Press no.11—

The Nocturne of Orpheus by Christian Bök

The Nocturne of Orpheus is a love-poem — an alexandrine sonnet, written in blank verse, with 33 letters in each line, all of which create a perfect, double acrostic of the dedication; moreover, the poem is also a perfect anagram of the sonnet “When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be” by John Keats (transforming his meditation about the mortality of love into a mournful farewell by the poet before he enters Hell).”

Christian Bök is the author of Eunoia (Coach House Books, 2001), a bestselling work of experimental literature that has gone on to win the Griffin Prize for Poetic Excellence (2002). Crystallography (Coach House Press, 1994), his first book of poetry, has been nominated for the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award (1995). Nature has interviewed Bök about his work on The Xenotext (making him the first poet ever to appear in this famous journal of science). Bök has also exhibited artworks derived from The Xenotext at galleries around the world, including (among others) the Bury Art Gallery in Bury, the OlgaKorper Gallery in Toronto, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, the Power Plant in Toronto, and the Broad Art Museum in East Lansing. Bök teaches students of Creative Writing in the School of Creative Arts and Humanities at Charles Darwin University.

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